Drive Ahead Unblocked

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Unblocked full versions of games are not easy to find, however, you don’t have to waste your time anymore. We have a cool collection of them right here and one of the games is Called Drive Ahead, a thrilling and super-energetic driving game that will make a great impression on everyone who loves cars and tough struggles. The game we have prepared for you is not just a riding one. In general, you don’t have to drive to the finish or be faster than your rivals. Despite the fact that you are a driver here, you won’t compete in speed and riding skills. Instead, you will be a fighter, because you own a real war machine equipped with cool weapons and this will help you become a champion of the arena.
This game is easy to play. You have two main buttons that make your car move forward and back. Your task is to ride over the car of your opponent to kill him. The one way to do it efficiently is to smash his head and crush his car. Sounds brutal, but this is how everything goes in Drive Ahead. You can participate in two different playing regimes. One of them allows you to improve your skills and train to attack as well as to defend yourself. Pay attention to both layers of the game. You need to stay extremely focused during every battle and keep yourself alarmed all the time. While you try to defeat your rival, he tries to do the same thing to you, so he will also do everything to ride over your car and smash your head, which you cannot allow to happen. In another regime of the game, you will enter a battle that never ends and this is your perfect chance to learn how to keep yourself alive for long. Both skills are extremely useful and you will surely need to apply them when entering the arena. The battles will be severe and brutal, but you should do your best and win them all one by one. If you are ready to ride and kill, then equip your car, learn some cool killing moves, and get into the game. There numerous locations – strange and challenging, waiting for you on every level that you will enter. Get ready – not only the enemies will try to kill you, but also the arenas are dangerous – they can spike, burn, and drop you! Be careful and win the game if you can stand a challenge of that kind. That’s going to be really tough!