Drive Ahead 2019

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Crazy drivers are ready for a massive fight! Will you join? Yes, this game is more than a driving game, because here you with fight riding a vehicle, a real machine of death. Get to the field and star crushing your rivals into pieces, but be sure that you are in the same situation – they will try to break your car as well. Keep an eye on your defensive and attacking moves when you play to let your car survive till the end of a match. Push the “forward” button to move ahead, attack your enemies, and then push “back” to get away from them when the situation becomes dangerous. Your task is to smash the rival’s head with your wheels, but to do so, you need to use different weapons. Equip your car with them and create a real killing vehicle that will make your rivals shiver from fear at the moment they see you. Keep your own head safe as well – you are in danger, no matter how cool and powerful your super-car is.

The game has two different modes – Tasks and The King of the Mountain. If you choose Tasks, you will have a chance to get achievements and equipment that will help you stand against your rivals more efficiently. The second more, The King of the Mountain, is an endless struggle that allows you to train your surviving skills and learn some new effective moves. The entertainment is available for one or two players and you can even play it with your friend using one device. There are different arenas and locations to explore, so you will travel around them and see how various the fights can be. Some areas are tricky – for example, on some levels, you have to be careful not to fall down in the water, while the other allow you to rider on the ceiling. Also, there are different cars to choose from – some are speedy racing vehicles, the other are machines for house building, buses, still others look like boxes on the wheels. In addition to that, you might get your car accidentally exploded – there is dynamite thrown on the floor here and there, so be careful! There are also sharp blades and other harmful objects to make the process even more challenging.