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Are you looking for the freshest chapter of your favorite extreme racing title? Search no more – we have already prepared it for you, right here and absolutely for free. Take your chance and take part in another deadly competition between crazy drivers ready to do everything to win. They are sitting inside of the fighting cars, which have open roofs so their heads stick out of the cars and this something that makes them vulnerable – if the rival rides over the car and smashes your head, you die and the battle stops. So this is something you have to do with them and try to avoid this happening to you. Be careful and make sure that your car is well-equipped – you will need both weapons and defense to stand against the rivals. Also, remember that not only your competitors, but also the arena itself is dangerous – some levels will meet you with sharp blades that pop of the ground and walls all of a sudden, the others will make you burn in fire or drawn in water. So watch your wheels and be careful!
As you already know, the main aim is to survive in a tough extremal battle and keep your car safe during the entire match. You will surely need great controlling skills to learn how to do that efficiently. The game offers two additional modes that will learn you how to make tricks, attacks, and various moves. Also, you will learn to stand against the rivals in the never-ending battle. Both surviving and fighting skills are vital – if you will master them, you will easily fight your competitors on the arena. So if you are not an experienced player, make sure to spend some time in the learning modes of the game and improve your abilities before you start a real battle with players from the server. Of course, the battles will also let you become a better fighter and rider, so do your best!