Drive Ahead 2020

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We bet that you didn’t have enough severe battles on your killing car, did you? If you want some more struggles and adventures, then the time has come to discover a new version of the Drive Ahead title launched in 2020. This must be the best and improved chapter of the game so if you already know the entire collection, you will be absolutely impressed by this part. Again, as you remember from the previous chapters, you are going to ride a car, a large and massive killing vehicle, packed with different blades and guns. Such a car will help you dominate on the arena if you will learn how to control it correctly and make maximal strikes. The opponents won’t stand your attack if you will make cool moves, crushing them one by one. The arena will be yours in this new part of the game!

If you have already played previous chapters, then you know how to act and what to do in this one. You already are an experienced and trained driver, but the game has some new feature and weapons for you. This means that you will need to spend some time trying to get the most of these new things to make your car even cooler and more efficient. The basics are already familiar, just make sure to get used to the new elements of the process, implement them in your program, and fight the opponents using new movements. This brand new game will bring you unique experience, just learn how to fight your rivals most efficiently and your battles will pass in the most energetic and engaging manner. There are new levels that have dangerous spots and some nasty surprises for you, so be careful when riding – the floor and the walls can hurt you as well as your rival. All is left is to start playing now – the game is full and free to play. No downloads needed – just start playing now and have fun.