Drive Ahead Sports

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We love video games because they allow us to outlive the experience absolutely impossible in the real life. You are welcome to try a cool mixture of racing, fighting, and sport games playing, all in one. And this is incredible continuation of Drive Ahead, a title where the madness on the wheels never stops and you play for a driver of a cool car that fights with other cars on the arena. The time has come for something new and fresh – game developers added a sport element into the process, which makes the maximally competitive title even more competitive! Racing, plus fighting and adding sport makes it a triple competition and you will surely find it extremely enjoyable. The game is now placed on the football field and based on the soccer rules. Here you will roll the ball, but in a very specific way – sitting inside of your car. Your main aim now is to hit the rival’s gate and get as many scores as you can.
Not only you have to make the ball fly in the enemy’s gates, but also you need to watch your own – the competitor will try to aim and hit them as well. Each successful strike will bring you scores and cash. This is an in-game cash that can be used to improve your monster-vehicle and get more playing opportunities. The standard playing regime is made of thousands of puzzled and tricky levels. You should start your game with this mode, because it will allow you to grasp the principles and learn some moves for your extremal sport-driving. There are different types of competition available – massive local matches and thrilling two VS two team battles. The controls are simple and they are perfectly adapted for the mobile devices, whether you have Android or iOS. You can move in different directions, jump, roll over, and do more movements using a couple of virtual buttons. The result of the battle will depend on your skills as well as characteristics of your car. The graphics are made in the adorable pixel style and in general everything looks the same as it was before, in the previous chapters of the series. The matches are thrilling and the arenas are futuristic, exciting, and don’t forget that they are full of obstacles, which is another feature of the game that makes the gameplay variable, uneasy, but very interesting. Join the extreme battle right now and show them that you are a boss here! Enter the arena and play the game for free. Don’t forget to check the other parts of it on our platform as well.