Drive Ahead 2

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Genres combination can be amazing, especially when the developers approach it with attention, creativity, and knowledge. Drive Ahead is a great title that serves a perfect example of a great style mixture. Here you will find the elements of action, arcade, racing, and adventures, all packed in one game. Are you read to feel the tornado of such a cocktail? We bet that it will punch you down to the floor – the experience is going to be really striking. So if you have already played the first part of the well-known title, you must be aware that this one is a pixel game where you own a car, but not just the one that rides on the roads, but a real war-car, the one that is perfect for real-time struggles with other vehicles. Numerous rounds and challenging levels are waiting for you here. Sit inside of your vehicle, get to the battlefield, and start a fight. Crush and punch him until his car breaks, trying to keep yours safe and unharmed (as much as it is possible in the conditions like that). Destroy the cars of your rivals, gain scores, and win the racing levels, where you have to act fast and bravely. The dynamics of the game will make your head spin for sure.

Drive ahead is something more than just a riding title, it is a real fighting on cars, where each participant tries to ride over the enemy’s head. You have simple system of controls – drive ahead and back, but there are also weapons you can equip your vehicle with. They will make you a real monster of the stage in this game and you will easily smash even the most advanced and cunning rivals. Be careful – your enemies are trying to do the same with your car, so you should think about both: defense and attack at the same time. The graphics are made of pixels, still it is very advanced, bright, and looks awesome. The battles are pretty short – in general, you will spend no more than ten seconds in one match, since everything happens really fast. However, different moves and decisions will make the playing process and every single match unique. There are different game regimes and competition types and you will have a chance to choose the one that suits you best and make you entertained. You can switch between the formats and place yourself in different environments whenever you feel so. These are the great news, because you will have a chance to play numerous various titles launching just one. So we bet that you won’t get bored when playing Drive Ahead 2! By the way, don’t forget that the version uploaded on our site is free to play.