CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

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All gamers fond of building puzzles, driving, and competition will definitely find this title extremely entertaining. Here you will create a car using various details and then test it on the arena where other users will present their masterful killing machines as well. Your constructing skills are everything – you have to overthink the process from the first step to the last one and show yourself as a real warrior in a battle. By the way, the characters of this title are cute cats, that compete against one another in massive fights in a multiplayer version of the game. Be tough and merciless, even though you have sweet whiskers and soft paws!
In the process of playing, you will have a great chance to improve your vehicle as a whole as well as every separate detail of it. There is a wide choice of customizable gadgets, cannons, and corpuses to try out. The details can be very different, while some of them can be fake! This means that a well-though and witty design can trick and scare your rivals, so don’t miss your chance to have fun, fooling around with them! What is more, in this title, you and other players can unite into teams, so you can create a band of cool stray cats and become the kings of the streets. Make friends, create secret chats to communicate, and find a way to become the dominant stray cats. Other gamers will also create gangs and you will take part in fights when numerous players stand against one another. You will own the city in case you manage to become the most influential cat band here. The cooperative mode is the most interesting part of the title, so you should try it for sure. Fight against the players from all over the globe and see your name in the chart of champions. You will have a chance to become a participant of a world competition and show your best skills and abilities. Just make sure that your car is advanced and well-thought enough – remember, you will have to meet numerous creative and experienced rivals on the arena! You never know how advanced your rival is, so be ready for real challenges!