Drive Ahead Multiplayer

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Join a mad massive car fight! This is a multiplayer version of the toughest driving game ever existed – Drive Ahead. You are here to compete with thousands of players from all corners of the world and show your superiority. Be smart, brave, and inventive – the game will bring you into severe conditions and you will have to try hard if you want to survive. The players will meet you on each level of the game and you are expected to stand against them all, trying to crush them and their cars before they will smash yours. This won’t be easy – remember, a multiplayer version of the game means that you are going to meet both: stronger and weaker rivals.
Those that are more advanced than you are will become your competitors and if you are attentive enough, they will be your best teachers. You will learn how to fight more efficiently, realize some new moves and techniques, so don’t be shy to stand against those that are more experienced and strong than you are. Such battles will be hard, but they will provide you with new opportunities and knowledge, so this will help you be a better fighter yourself. Enter the game right now – playing against the real people online is extremely entertaining! Try and see it with your own eyes.